Big boulder fell on the car near parwanoo

Big boulder fell on the car near parwanoo


Parwanoo: Two persons today has a miraculously escape when a big boulder fell on their car near Timber Trail at Parwanoo in district Solan today evening. As visible in picture, car was damaged heavily.The car is damaged compeletely and the tyres of the vehicle were twisted to wards the opposite side.

Passerby and people from other vehicles helped to remove the boulder and car from the main road so that it could open for the vehicles. A big traffic jam was witnessed after the accident where hundreds of vehicle were stranded both sides and caused inconveniences to travelers.

The rains in the region has bring so much pain to the people of the state.

On daily basis we are seeing the mishappening taking place through out the state and people of the state should take appropriate steps for their well being.